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Analysis of a Job Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Analysis of a Job - Assignment ExampleFurther, the traditional cargoner stages testament be examined and the plan that will help to avoid declining employee performance during certain stages in the career will be worked out.To appoint the best person for a certain job position, it is essential to understand the nature of that job. Here the job analysis helps to develop such understanding, exploring the tasks that will be performed in a job, the competencies that are need for doing those tasks and the link between the tasks and competencies. Job analysis can likewise be used to identify not only job requirements, but also fields that need development. For the administrative assistant in the newly formed organization, there should be created specific job description, because such person will ingest with everything in the company and will be its ears and eyes. The description of job duties should be practical, clear and accurate to effectively define company needs.The administrative assistant is required to possess at least one foreign language to be able to coordinate visitors coming, create agendas and transfer maps organize condescension trips (purchase tickets and book accommodation) be able to prepare documents for obtaining visas (to prepare solely necessary document that precede visa getting the invitations, the company guarantee documents, etc.) support company expats and missioners (to prepare all necessary document that precede getting residence permit and the registration in the apartment the official invitations) assist in creation of corporate business policies and procedures that relate to the position assist in budgeting the expenses and making the reports of the services and goods related to the position check and track the correctness of the documents provided by the third parties the waybills, tax invoices, the economise off acts etc. assist in checking of the correctness of the

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Factors affecting performance - Fluid intake Essay

Factors affecting performance - Fluid intake - Essay ExampleAdditionally, blood plasma ensures that the arteries and other blood vessels have sufficient fluids. This prevents potential close up of such tissues. In line with the above fact is the issue of blood pressure. Water plays a cardiovascular function it ensures that the heart and the surrounding components of the system add correctly. Clogging in the blood vessels may lead to high blood pressure among various illnesses. 2Water is a transport agent in the body it is responsible for the transportation of nutrients, surplus products, hormones, buffering agents as well as medication or other supplements. Waste products are eliminated from the body with a detoxification process. Water facilitates this by absorbing waste products from cells and transporting them to excretory organs such as the skin or kidney. 3 An example of such a waste product is excess amino acids. The amino acids are converted into urea and eventually elimin ated from the body through the kidneys. Water moves this product from the cells.It also moves nutrients into the cells by playing as a solvent for them. Typical examples include glucose, vitamins and other minerals. Through this process, water enhances the bodys ability to metabolise nutrients and thus makes them available in the body. 4 It also plays a critical role in the transportation of hormones. For instance, it facilitates the transportation of insulin. This hormone works on glucose molecules in order to produce cypher needed for physiological needs in the body. It is because of this function that blood has an effect on blood sugar levels hence susceptibility to diabetes.Transportation of buffering agents also occurs through the blood. The body needs to have a constant ph level of between 7.38 and 7.42. 5 Buffering agents are mild bases or acids designed to counter choppy increases in acidity or alkalinity of the blood. Examples here include a phosphate

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Frank Lloyd Wright's Hanna House Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Frank Lloyd Wrights Hanna House - Essay ExampleArchitects have delivered their inputs towards achieving tremendous structures that do not only offer purpose, but also carry out the expectations placed on the outlook of the structure. Architects have apply the principles used to achieve stability in a structure, and incorporated them with design principles that uphold design. Frank Lloyd, 1867-1959 was an intriguer who apply the required components in his designs to achieve a consistency required to create an identity in his designs. The American architect and Interior designer base his concepts in designing structures that incorporated human comfort with the environmental features. His philosophy, later appreciated as organic architecture led to the advancement of a school of technique identified today as Usonian style (Twombly 270). He applied the concept in the early 30s in times when economic recession was at its peak to apply affordable materials to apply his skill. His str uctures were based on the need to deliver social transformation that humanity had learnt to appreciate. Of his famous structures stand the Hanna House situated at Stanford University in San Francisco. The design of the structure was unique because it was amongst the first structures that he completed and lacked rectangular forms. This paper highlights Frank Lloyds Hanna House in San Francisco with the concepts he applied its completion and significance. Concepts and style applied The Usonian house concept applied in the Hanna House had distinctive features that could be related to the structure (Wright, Mumford, Pfiffer and Wojtowicz 188). These structures were erected on gridded cover with sandwich walls containing layers of wood pieces and building papers, contrary to the framed walls. The outstanding feature was flat roofs, mostly devoid of basements. An additional feature within the structures included atomic kitchen spaces situated to be adjoining the dining. Hanna House sit uated at the Stanford University has gained a reference to the Honeycomb building. This name was generated due to its outstanding features that employed hexangular unit of measurement adapted by Wright from his octagonal building style. Purpose, contents and materials used The construction of the building began in 1937, and it saw its expansion in the next 25 years. The hexagonal design it applied gave a political program featuring six sided angled at 120-degrees to integrate the house with its setting witnessed in a sloping typographic form. Wright had intentional the premise for Paul Hanna and Jean, his wife who had been famous educators at the university (Quinan 242). The design that he had initially created was meant to be accommodated in flat terrain that failed to meet its target. The structure of the building and he design incorporated in its completion led to the identity of its architect, Wright into a renowned American architect, and the buildings rank raised to be a N ational Historic Landmark. The distinction by Wright to develop a structure that included a peculiar setting to deter from the recognized rectangular plan (Langmead 218). This had come at a time when the concept alter the dimension of the structure and incorporate stability that would ensure a unique building completion. The applied material to complete the structure was witnessed in the wooden finish that Hanna house depicted. Wright had applied the term Wooden House to call his invention, but the material applied on close inspection included red brick incorporated with

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Business Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 2

Business Strategy - Essay Example terra firma Plc needs to focus more to the expectations of their more or less prominent stakeholders and to the processes in which its culture influences the type of strategy it adopts (Abele, 2008). Principal stakeholder analysis Identification of the interests of the different stakeholders Fisk (2008) emphasized there atomic number 18 different stakeholders in background Plc. The customers are interested in the financial disceptations of Earth Plc in order to determine if the company volition bond open during the times when the customers will be buying their much-needed mining needs. The employees of Earth Plc are needed the companys financial statements in order to determine if it is ripe to ask for salary and new(prenominal) wage benefit increases. A set of financial statements that indicates a loss trend will indicate that there is high probability the company will close shop in the foresee sufficient future. In this case, a majority of t he employees will be forced to find employment in other greener pastures (other companies). The managers are interested to get a copy of the financial statements in order to know if they have performed their duties and responsibilities in accordance with preset benchmarks. Basically, managers are given a profit benchmark. Here, the financial statements that indicate a loss is homogeneous to a failing grade financial statements that show a net profit is equivalent to a passing grade. The suppliers are very interested to get a copy of the companys financial statements to determine if the company will catch ones breath long enough to buy their goods and services. Financial statements indicating a net loss would prod the supplier to seek other clients to replace Earth Plc because there is a strong indication the company will close shop in the near future. The creditors are interested to get a copy of the financial statements of the Earth Plc. The creditors will use the financial state ments as a ground for granting or approving the companys credit limit. A financial statement that indicates a net profit will encourage the creditors to immediately approve the companys credit limit application. On the other hand, a financial statement that indicates a net loss will show that the company may non be able to pay their maturing debts on time due to deficiency of available cash on hand. The labor union is interested to get a copy of the financial statements in order to determine if the company is able to grant salary and other wage benefit increases. The net profit will indicate that the company will not be able to stay long enough to grant the salary increases. In this case, the labor unions will allow the postponement of the salary and other wage benefit increases. The environmental trade testimonial agencies are interested to grab a copy of the companys financial statements the agencies are interested to know if the company is complying all environmental protecti on statutes. The financial statements generally indicate if Earth Plc is regularly dumping its mining wastes into the crystal clear waters of the nearby river. The environmental protection agencies will not hesitate to penalize companies, especially Earth Plc, that do not use high smoke stacks to let polluting smoke be release at a level that is higher than the height of the average person this will lessen the people from inhaling the hazardous exhaust smoke used to

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Evolution of Western corn rootworm population Essay

Evolution of Western corn rootworm population - Essay ExampleThe characteristic that has allowed nigh Western corn root worm populations to become resistant to corn - soybean- corn rotation is that they produce higher levels of supererogatory class proteinases (cathepsin-L) that respond to soybeans defenses (Yates, 2012).Darwins theory of natural selection states that evolutionary change occurs when individuals produce variations in each generation and differential ways of survival by combining these inconstant characters. Individuals with variable characteristics, which increase their chances of survival, will have more opportunities to reproduce and their offspring will benefit from these advantageous characteristics. Similar to this theory, the western corn rootworm has evolved to produce enzymes in their gut that has enabled them to become resistant to corn-soybean-corn rotation. The enzymes inhibitors enables them to survive for two to three days in the soybeans fields which is enough for some of rootworms to lay eggs, when corns are planted in the same fields the rootworm larvae feeds on the corn roots.The modern view of evolution as a change in allele frequencies defines evolution as not only the development of new species from older ones but also the small changes within species from generation to generation-over long periods. Similarly, the western corn rootworm has been able to produce special class proteinases over long period of time, these small changes have enabled them to survive on soybean

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Hamza Yusuf Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Hamza Yusuf - Essay ExampleYusuf often acts as a guest speaker system at events coordinated by different subdivisions of the Muslim Students Association of the US and Canada. Together with Haten Bazian and Zaid Shakir, Yusuf is a co-founder of the Zaytuna College located in Berkeley, California. The college was established in 1996 and is dedicated to revive traditional methods of study, especially with regard to the sciences of Islam (Ghazali 2011, 65). Yusuf is also a signatory of A Common Word Between Us and You, which is an open letter written by Islamic scholars addressed to Christian leaders, speaking to the need for peace and understanding. Yusuf has adopted a stance against all religious rationalizations for terrorist attacks. After 9/11, he typified the actions of the attackers as acts of mass homicide. Yusuf strongly condemns terrorist attacks arguing that Islamic is exploited as an innocent victim (Ghazali 2011, 115). Yusuf has authored an array of books and pamphlets, wh ich seek to educate Muslims on proper and ethical conduct. supposition Yusuf is renowned for a number of original thoughts, which atomic number 18 aimed at assisting Muslim lead fruitful lives devoid of evil deeds. One of his most notable thoughts is that of dunya. Yusuf typifies dunya as the illusory genius of the world it consists of aspects that delude people into thinking that they are permanent fixtures in the world. Dunya also compels Muslims to think that they can transgress since they believe they are independent from Allah. In snapper, Yusuf considers dunya as the element that takes Muslims away from the akhira (the after life), thus exemplifying Satans game. Satans game, according to Yusuf (2008, 69) is aimed purposely at detracting people away from the akhira through shaytan, which means to obstruct or make distant from the akhira. Therefore, Yusuf (Yusuf and Shakir 2007, 128) believes that dunya makes Muslims feel that dunya is nearer than the akhira. Islam argues th at dunya is distant and equates it to attempting to reach for grapes that are beyond atomic number 53s grasp. This is the true character of dunya one can never get it since it always evades people. Through his teachings, Yusuf seeks to teach Muslims that dunya is unimportant. He in turn demonstrates the importance of the akhira, which is the essence of all Islamic messages. Therefore, he argues that, in all their actions, Muslims must endeavor to head away from dunya and further towards the akhira. In order to delineate the true nature of dunya, Yusuf contrasts it to normal human actions. Yusuf (2004, 89) argues that seeking food to sustain a healthy body is not considered dunya, neither is earning enough money to meet ones obligations or spend on halal. In order to justify his stance regarding dunya, Yusuf ponders on the assertions of the Holy Prophet of Islam that if Adams son had a iodin mountain of gold, he would then desire a second mountain. The Prophet argued that the sons mouth would never be filled, with the exception of the dust of his clubby grave. Yusuf takes this teaching to mean that dunya is deceptive since it compels people to desire more earthly possession than they need. Yusuf teaches Muslims to steer clear of the deluder and in turn move towards the akhira. In growth to this, Yusuf teaches that Muslims should avoid the delusion of dunya that it is possible to live both in the past and future. In turn, Yusuf believes that Muslims should always endeavor to live in the present. He argues that

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Self evaluation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Self evaluation - Assignment ExampleIn the Critique of Practical Reason (2012), the philosopher considers the monotonous crying as an act in such a way that the maxim of your will can always simultaneously hold as a article of faith of a universal legislation. Another formulation can be found in his work titled The Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals (2011) You use humanity, whether in your admit persona or in the person of any other, always at the same time as an end, never merely as a means. Kant believed that the prostrate imperative is an obligatory law. All people should follow it regardless of their nationality, wealth, etc. Universality and strict adherence were the two main characteristics of the categorical imperative. Compliance with the categorical imperative is the highest human duty. Despite the humanistic nature of this idea, it might be dangerous, because in some cases, blind adherence to this principle can lead to tragic consequences. In this regard, I am a su pporter of consequentialism in the form of the theory of utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is based on the the claim that an act is morally right if and tho if that act maximizes the good (Sinnott-Armstrong, 2011). In other words, attention is paid to the consequences of human actions to a large number of people. I believe that utilitarianism can be utilise both in social processes, and in business and professional environment.The theory of utilitarianism received its main development in John Stuart hero sandwichs ideas. Mill considered morality in its connection with the humans ultimate goal, aimed at satisfying all human desires (Wilson, 2007). Happiness presented in a form of turn a profit was seen by Mill as a long-term sport. However, utilitarianism protested against the theory of egoism, based on the idea that people should strive to meet only their personal desires. The admissibility of pleasure or benefit is determined by their level of